You know you’re a stay at home mom when…

A phone conversation  isn’t complete without these in the background: 1 injury, 2 kids fighting, 3 kids hungry.

When out with grown ups you narrate your actions… because the little people don’t talk yet.

You love talk radio (for the reason above), even though all the commercials are about retirement homes and funeral arrangements.

A grocery shop is considered an outing.

Just a little poop on your shirt is ok.

Brushing your hair AND your teeth is considered getting dolled up.

You get a fresh t shirt for your little guy, and he asks you, “where are we going?”

You pick your clothes based on nipple accessibility.

You regularly find food from other (little) people’s meals all over your clothes, and home, hours after meals were served.

A good one-word description for your home is “sticky”  ….why is everything so sticky??

It has been months since you have eaten a meal without constant interruptions.

Bodily fluids are a part of the ingredients list (kid sneezes, spit, or worse) for every meal.

You hide to eat your favourite treats… otherwise you get the dreaded “Can I have some?”

4 hours of sleep in a row is considered luxurious.

When people ask you “what do you do all day?”, you have steam coming out of your nose and ears.

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