4 Week Countdown!


The hospital bag is packed.  The nursery is set up.  And I’m absolutely as big and sweaty as (I think) humanly possible.  …. so really anytime is good.

The two little people running around here though, are not quite as ready as I am, I think.

E has just started a newer and stronger stage of clingi-ness.  We spent a lot of the weekend taking turns holding our cutie.  It may be unfortunately timed clingi-ness, or it may be an act of self-preservation.   In the last week she’s bashed her face in, not once, but 3 times!  Not just a little scrape here and there, but a full on scrape chunks off, and bruise.  …maybe we should be holding her more?

C is a trooper, and is pretty excited to have another baby around.  Although, he has put in his request (demand) almost daily in the last couple weeks that he only wants “a baby bwo-dah”… either he’ll be super excited to have another boy around here, or in a deep depression if it’s a girl.

I am really looking forward to holding that little squishy baby… but what I seem to really be excited about lately is the not-for-a-good-year body that I’ll have once this baby comes out.  How is it possible, in round 3, that I still hold out against all proof and experience, that magically I’ll fit into some super cute outfit 12 minutes after I have the baby?  Besides the unrealistic hope for an instant super bod, I have been eating a little bit healthier this pregnancy.  And of course, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to maintain and intensify the healthy habits once our little one appears. (eye roll).  But I’m also hoping that all 3 kids will willingly go jog/walking with me in the mornings. (bigger eye roll).

I have been re-reading the South Beach Diet, which I did quite consistently through university and grad school until I got married.  I’ve been eating a very loose version of the maintenance phase throughout the pregnancy, and I’ve been researching the safety of following it while nursing.  It appears as though you shouldn’t follow a diet plan for the first couple months, and then once nursing is well established, you could start at the second phase of SB.  Since my babies tend to be jaundiced early on, I will stick with lots and lots of healthy fruits and veg, protein each meal and snack.  But I’ll still eat what I want that’s whole grains, with less healthy stuff sprinkled in here and there…. I’ll want (need) my 3am chocolate, sushi sushi sushi, and my 6pm guinness for when hubby’s working (every day).

For the last 2 babies, milk has never been a problem, so I’m not concerned at all about it affecting my copious supply.  But I do want to make sure I keep a sunny disposition for hubby to come home to, and enough energy to make it through the day.  So I’ll experiment with moving into stage 2, but go back to the maintenance phase if I get too grumpy (or really want a bagel).

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