About us

Welcome to the Clayton Circus.  Our family story begins in 2005, when Brian and I were introduced through a mutual friend… let’s be frank, it was a blind date!  Brian said about 2 words the whole time, but he was so cute, I just had to find out more about him.  In retrospect, his “quietness” has been a blessing, because if both of us talked as much as I do, our friends would need to invest in earplugs.


We were married exactly 3 years later.

Our early marriage was very busy, as Brian quickly accelerated his career to consumer packaged goods superhero,  I owned and operated a Chiropractic clinic.  As time flew by, I started to feel very tired.  I would sleep any time I had available, and stopped participating in things that I loved to do, running, swimming, biking.  I went to see a doctor, and he had no suggestions for me, other than, maybe I was depressed …. ummm, ??  Not possible.  So I ignored it, and we continued our lives.

We started hoping that a baby might come soon, and decided that I should check in with my cardiologist.  I had heart surgery as a young child, and other than being monitored every couple years, I didn’t worry about it ever.  I did all the standard testing I did every time I went in.  However, this time, I knew something was very wrong when a technician kept asking me about my energy level.

We were told that day I desperately needed heart surgery “yesterday”.  They put me on the urgent list, but as it goes in cardiology, most cases are urgent.  We had to wait about 6 months.  These were beyond the most stressful months of our lives.  We didn’t know if I would make it, and had to plan for the chance my life would soon end.  Somehow, we grew closer to each other, and grew to rely on God’s grace.

I believe God had a specific purpose for this challenging time.  Our values and goals were definitely refined.  In our waiting period, we realized that making more money would never be important in our final days… but the family legacy we left behind would be the only thing that mattered.  I prayed so hard that I would have the chance to raise children to love God, and to love to serve others.

4 minutes after I was considered recovered from the surgery, we were expecting our first baby.


Caleb.  Our silly monkey, who has more energy bottled up in one little person than should be humanly allowed!


Less than a year later, we were expecting again.  And we were soon joined by our sweet little princess, Elise. IMG_9475 IMG_9177

She is our absolute sweetheart, and will melt just about anyone’s heart with her hugs and snuggles.

About 8 months later, we were so happy to find out we were blessed again.  … as my doctor said, “your ticker may not be perfect, but no one can accuse you of being infertile!” … ummm true.

We feel truly overwhelmed by our many blessings.  And though I have some challenging moments, I am so truly thankful to get this second chance to live life.  I hope that through our life we can point people to the good in life.

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