Backpacks, not just for high schoolers

For the last few years, I’ve been struggling along using a free diaper bag that I got with my pump.  medelafreestylebreastpump-1

(I love my Medela freestyle pump.  The bag is just not ideal for every day outings.)


As we’re about to welcome another baby to our little crew, I think it might be time to upgrade.  The main issues I’m trying to resolve are wanting use of both arms/hands at all times (heck, I could use a few more arms, not less) and that my shoulder diaper bag is constantly sliding off my shoulder and knocking over one of my littles.


I’ve been looking around the internet universe, because, really who has time to go to a store anymore, to find a backpack that’ll carry stuff for the 3 year old, the 1 year old and new baby.  But I still want it to be cute, and it can’t be crazy expensive.  These are my favourites,







1. Ying ying for kids, $70 CAD,

2. Lassig, $148 CAD,

3. Ying Ying for kids (brown dot for fashion), $62.50 CAD,

4. Ju-Ju-Be Be right back backpack, $140 USD,

I think I might be leaning towards #3, they have a blue polka dot version too, which might be really adorable.  Coincidence that it’s the least expensive on the list…. I’ll never tell.

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