Love doing laundry??

I actually really like doing laundry.  I remember in university, about 6 weeks into classes, the dorm laundromat would offer to use the machines free, for a whole weekend.  Is it weird I looked forward to this?

Fast forward to having potty training, rookie self feeders, spit up messes daily… I’m getting a little more particular about which parts of laundry I love.  I do not love lugging baskets and baskets of laundry up to each person’s room, and then having little ones play at unfolding and throwing clean clothes everywhere (sometimes back down the stairs).  I especially don’t love this at 8 months pregnant!


A few mom friends have given me a few laundry ideas for little kids that are blowing my mind.

1. Minimize the clothing for the kids.  So I’ve gone through the kids clothes, set aside anything out of season, thrown out stained clothes, and donated things they just never wear.

2. Keep the clothes as close as you can to the laundry area.  This may not be a big deal if you’re in a small home or condo, but we’ve got a decent-sized home, so minimizing back and forth is really helpful.

3. Keep clothing as accessible as you can to the door where you exit.  We have now moved a dresser to the main floor (currently it’s in the foyer, let’s hope it one day it finds a home in hubby’s office).  Each kid currently has one little drawer, and one big drawer.  This houses their socks, undies (if we’re feeling optimistic that day), bottoms and tops.

4. Have one big laundry day a week, where everyone’s clothes is washed, and do 1-3 loads a day on week days, as needed.  This way you’re never so behind it takes you a week to catch up.

5. Get them to help loading/unloading laundry, and if they can help with folding great (not even a sign of that here yet).  As young as 2 (earlier if really coordinated), they can help put folded items into their drawer.  If you’re having “it’s my turn to push the button” discussions, one way to handle that is assign each kid to one day a week as your official helper, for buttons, cracking eggs, getting first dessert pick, etc.


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