Featured: This week at The Circus

It has been an eventful week here at The Circus.  Both kids were still fighting colds, and took many impromptu rests throughout the house.  Yesterday, instead of both kids trying to climb my legs while I got dinner ready, I got this:



Elise decided this week, that she is going on a special diet… only “floor food” from here on out.  IMG_4080 IMG_4082 IMG_4085 IMG_4088 IMG_4091  … you might be thinking, so she knocked her plate over once, and proceeded to eat 100 blueberries off of the floor.  Think again, she only eats off the floor.  Her current favourite snack, is whatever the broom picks up.

This week we finally got a cage trampoline for the kids.  We are all enjoying it.

IMG_4061 IMG_4065 IMG_4071 IMG_4058

Little man, has also made two important discoveries this week.  He has muscles.  And he wants everyone to know that… all the time!

IMG_4101 …in case you’re wondering, he’s not crying… he’s flexing his stuff!  …really really hard.

He also figured out, he is totally into girls.  “Girl” cheeses sandwiches that is.


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