Organic veggies provide an unplanned Biology lesson

The other night, I was feeling like a super mom.  I have a healthy, kid friendly salad on the table, sweet potatoes and chili.  Yum, right?


IMG_3752 IMG_3753

The kids enjoy a few bites.

As I grab my first hunk of broccoli, I notice a little dirt on it.  … ummm. the dirt is crawling!  Upon closer inspection, I found these:


After repeatedly retching into the sink, and thorough disinfection of everything… can I lysol wipe the insides of the kids mouths?? (kidding…kinda).

Surprisingly, Caleb just loved the food bugs.  He has since asked for a bug salad for each meal.  Success?

This has made me want to recheck, how bad is broccoli for pesticide residue?  On the Environmental Working Group‘s Shopping guide, broccoli is #28 (#1 being the worse).

While I’m having a look, the top 5 worse offenders are, Apples, Strawberries, Grapes, Celery and peaches.

So we may need to reconsider what we purchase organic… and start looking a little closer before serving those organic fruits and veggies!

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