Pregnant for the 3rd time? Reasons to celebrate



Congratulations!  You’re soon joining the 3 kids club!  Wipe that concerned look off your face, there’s so many reasons this pregnancy will be a great one… maybe the best so far.

1. People stop offering you unsolicited advice

2. Others are starting to ask YOU for advice. (whether you should be giving it or not!)

3. This pregnancy goes by fast for hubby, he’ll look at you and say, “what week are WE at now?  About 20?” … to this you say, “No, 35 weeks”.

4. You are so used to being pregnant, these things others call “symptoms”, feel like life to you.

5. Your older kids are sooo excited to have a baby to play with, this could also be a negative.


6. You know which clothes are realistically going to fit you in the last month… so you stop buying those silly little shirts that will fit for month 4 only!  You buy lots of stretchy yoga pants with the gigantic panel.

7. Hubby is getting more comfortable commenting on your body, you mention feeling like you look sooo pregnant at 4 months.  He has a good long look, and says, “No, you just look kinda chubby”.  (hubby wants me to clarify, this happened to a friend, it was 100% not him).

8. The belly analysis comments just roll off your back, like the one I frequently get, “Wow, you must be having that baby tomorrow!” to which I respond, “No, in five months”

.baby 3 (baby #3 at about 20 weeks)

9. The nurses high five you when you arrive for your first obstetrician’s appointment, and throw you a parade if you show up somewhat on time.

10. You stop hiding the metamucil, and actually send hubby out to get it.  You’re a whole lot less cranky if you have it on hand. (probably not me)

11. You have a well practiced preemptive strike to avoid the nurses announcing your weight to hubby.  …Well this isn’t a huge concern, because you rarely invite hubby to your appointments anyways, it’s your “quiet time” in stirrups.

12. You realize that while you might have your hands full, your heart is full also.


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