A trip to emerge… and things to bring with you

Last night, was a little more eventful than planned…

Mid afternoon, putting away laundry, I started having strange heart beats and some tightness in my chest.  This isn’t totally out of the ordinary for me, so I just finished my tasks.  But I still felt funny about 30 minutes later, so I sat down with some water, and put on a movie.

When I still didn’t feel better, I decided to call my doctor.  I thought the dosage of my medication that controls arrhythmias would need a boost… but my doctor thought I should head into emerge, just to get the baby and my ticker checked out.



The highlight of the evening, was when Brian stepped out for a moment trying to call our babysitter, a nurse came to get me to do some tests.  The nurse watched the 8 month pregnant lady with chest pain struggle with 30 lbs of bag, and says “that looks heavy”.

Everyone else at our hospital was great, and miraculously we made it home in time for our bedtime, and to reassure Grandma that all was well.  I just needed a medication change.

After my numerous experiences going to the hospital to get this and that checked out, I thought I’d share the things to have stocked in your bag:

1. laptop with charger

2. movies, lots and lots

3. head phones

4. books

5. basic hygiene supplies you’d need for an overnight

6. bathrobe for walks down the hall, unless you don’t mind showing your less modest bits and flip flops for showering

7. extra undergarments for an unexpected overnight

8. glasses (not contacts too complicated)

9. cell phone and charger to keep in touch with babysitters, and worried Grandmas

10. nothing beats bringing your hubby who’ll go to the cafeteria as many times as you want, to get you the best sandwich available, and turn a night in emerge into a fun date night!

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