Preschool? We love it!

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We are having so much fun here, I thought I should share….

I know I’m not the only perfectionist mom out there, but here it goes… when I found out I was having a boy, (my first baby), my first thought was, what if he doesn’t learn to read well?

Since before he was born, I’ve been strategizing how I would get this boy to love books as much as I do.  I’m happy to report that he is officially a book worm at 3!  He doesn’t know how to read yet, but he’ll happily sit for hours and listen to stories.  This is mind blowing if you knew this boy.

We have always read to him when he went to bed at night, and when he was about 18 months I started to read out loud while he played for an hour or two a day.  This mostly felt like I was reading to myself…


But, when he turned 3, we considered many different options for school, including a formal preschool, a homeschool program or doing nothing.  Well, of course “nothing” wasn’t going to fly in this house!  A formal program seemed like a lot of shuttling him back and forth, and I wasn’t excited about managing the other little people that would need to come along.

So we ordered Sonlight Preschool, and we are officially loving it!!  We did try another preschool program and found it was way too intense, with lots of workbooks and hours of activities that needed to be done each day…. great for some, but definitely not for us.


The Sonlight preschool package is just a whole mess of books and a list of the order you should read them in.  There are a few activities to do, but we’ve gotten lots of ideas from thin air or pinterest.

I love that the books can be passed down to each child as they turn 3, although Elise has already picked a book that she loves about babies, and now wants to hear the same stories each night.

This might not be for every family, but we love the time that we share just little man and I, snuggled on the couch, reading about all kinds of adventures.  Our favourite stories from the collection right now are “The Story of Little Babaji” and “Horton Hatches the Egg“.  Both teach great life lessons, and have great new vocabulary words.

Although we have decided to send the kids to school for kindergarten, I might sneak in Sonlight’s kindergarten program, because the books are just so good!

In case you’re wondering, I am not affiliated with Sonlight in any way, I’m just a really happy mom!

One thought on “Preschool? We love it!

  1. So glad you are enjoying your time together with Sonlight preschool! Cuddling up with great books will make memories your little ones will always treasure. Good job, mama! –Laura from Sonlight 🙂


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