16 Months!


I couldn’t resist!

Elise, our resident cutie-pie was dancing away to her brother’s singing earlier this week.  She loves to copy everyone’s mannerisms and makes up her own silly dance moves.    You can frequently find her walking behind Caleb trying to imitate his walk, with her hands behind her back.  She’s also often crossing her arms across her chest, when I’m “discussing” proper behaviour with Caleb.  Do I really do that??

She has grown up so much in the last couple months, and before she grows up too much, I thought I should write down what she’s up to these days.

Elise is talking up a storm.  I think in this case, she’s talking mainly in self defence.  Caleb is a sweet older brother, but he’s still learning about sharing, this is reflected in her most used words.  Her most recent favourite words are “Iwan-i”, which we’re pretty sure means “I want it”, especially since it’s usually accompanied by hiding a treasured item behind her back.  She’s also very fond of “Naah”, which of course is “no”, used mainly when she wants a turn going down the slide and Caleb’s trying to go first.

Although around mom and dad she mostly says “app-pull” for apple.

IMG_4149 IMG_4178


She’s also very fond of “baba” (banana) and “boo-weee” (blueberries).  She is also able to point to all the body parts we ask her to identify!

Elise is a musical girl.  Not only does she love to dance, she also has a few favourite songs that she’ll hum with the hand motions, itsy bitsy spider, roly-poly, and wheels on the bus.

Elise’s improved ability to get around has really been amazing to watch in the last few weeks.  She can easily go up or down stairs, she climbs up our “mini” rock wall, she climbs up and slides down the slide, all unassisted.

But her increased coordination has also given her the opportunity to catch up to her older brother in bumps and scrapes too.  Although she now calls them “boom” (s) and “uh oh” (s).

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