Countdown! 2 Weeks left….

2 Weeks left, which in the grand scheme of things does not seem like much.  But in the last few days, I’ve been noticing that somehow time has slowed to an almost stand still.

I’m definitely waddling now.  And, I’m in the new and exciting stage of I-hurt-my-back-putting-on-shorts.  So, I will definitely be finding time to see my chiropractor this week.  Unless my prayers are answered and labour comes…..  Feel free to pray this baby comes asap!

Also, we’ve been working on getting through all the available viruses here.  Just as all the little noses stopped running, little man started having a wicked case of the runs, and lost all desire to eat and drink.


So we’ve been doing the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, apples and toast) … with a little dry cereal when he’s been interested, and let him try gatorade for the first time when he didn’t pee in 16 hours.  I’m thanking my lucky stars today that we potty trained already!

Really other than a sleepy boy, this really was no biggie.

….However, right after changing little man’s sheets today for laundry day, little girl climbed into his bed and threw up everywhere.

Caleb, “I don’t want Elise’s barf in my bed”,

Elise “Yah!”

Just in case I was starting to get lazy, I got the opportunity to re-wash all the bedding, girly’s clothes and girly’s hair… and little man too.  What can I say, she’s got good aim?!


Don’t get too worried though, after getting cleaned up and lots of cuddles, they both started feeling better.  They shared fought over the last pack of mum mums.



Had a little rest, so mom could make sure no one “refunded” any of that snack.


… and then, off they went, back outside to play.  … Yes, Elise went outside to play in her jammies… But, I put shoes over the footie pj’s though… so that should count for something.



I’m hoping that the next two weeks are a little less dramatic than our little adventure into hurl-land… and that we’ve seen the last of it.

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