If you clean the bed… the messes will come

Last night, gave us the old…


So we woke up feeling a little…


So after begging for an uneventful remaining of the pregnancy, after our hurl-a-thon yesterday,  and all new, fresh linens, this mommy decided, “hey, it’s a good day to take away pull ups at night time.”

Guess what this mommy was doing at 3 am this morning??  That’s right, cleaning little boy, changing sheets, pillows, pj’s and even using wipes for his hair (shhh don’t tell).  It could have been worse though, at least I only saw the end product of his excessive gatorade consumption yesterday, and not the tummy bug that’s been polluting the bathrooms around here.

I guess I was a little groggy this morning.  Those exciting pregnancy hormones are not a fan of letting you sleep much, and I had a little boy who thought it was morning after our adventure. I got dressed and headed out early to unlock our neighbour’s door for a contractor, (they couldn’t meet him, pretty sure I wasn’t assisting with a B&E).  After letting him in, and meeting another neighbour on the street, I realized that my shirt no longer covers my whole tummy!  *humiliated*  Maybe this doesn’t seem tragic… perhaps you have not known the aesthetic benefits of having 3 kids in 3 years by 3 c sections, on a 5’3″ frame at 8+ months pregnant. …ack!

Sorry for all the whining.  The rest of the day was amazing.  I saw an old friend from grad school, who now leads an exciting professional life and has a brilliant perspective on life.

We also got a nice long quiet time around here because little man was exhausted after our middle of the night clean fest.


(and yes he’s wearing bottoms.  They’re just really really short *ahem underpants).

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