Busy Weekend

The weekend was filled with visits from friends and cousins.  We were mostly busy busy bbq’ing, and using timers to shepherd kids in and out of the trampoline.  …boy that toy gets a lot of action!

We also did a test run of the sleeping arrangements for when a bunch of family will be staying over for the new baby’s arrival.  We let Caleb have a sleepover party in Elise’s room.  He was jazzed right up to share a room with little sis…  hmmm did we really need to upgrade to this bigger house last year??

The kids also made up a new game, called “Rope”.


Here’s Caleb explaining the VERY complicated rules to Elise.

Caleb: Elise, we run around the house, with the rope

Elise: Yah

IMG_4473 IMG_4479

Caleb’s speedy, and I could never catch a picture… sorry, this is the best I had.

IMG_4480 IMG_4477 IMG_4484

Elise loved the game too, and only got side tracked every few seconds.

This kept them busy for hours, until they had the brilliant idea to tie the rope around their neck… the end for that game!

We also made a trip to the library, and actually got quite a few minutes of this

IMG_4468 IMG_4497

Momma loves it!!  I drank my coffee when it was hot this weekend!

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