Countdown, LAST week!!


That’s right buddy, 7 days, and you’ll have another crying, poopy, attention-requiring sibling.  Are you as excited as mommy??

I’ve never really been a nester in any pregnancy, and this one isn’t an exception.  Over the last week we’ve slowly gotten a few last things done.  We’ve set up the newborn-ready high chair, pulled out the bouncy seat, and made sure the double stroller is ready to rock, as soon as I am.  We have not gotten diapers though… not sure what we’ll do if baby comes early… could I stick Elise’s diaper on a 6lb newborn you think?

IMG_4444 … ok, buddy, we’ll get diapers this week.

Today, we got all fancy and bought a bike trailer.  When we got home with it, of course the kids wanted to push the new trailer around the driveway, so we let them.  Even though it was raining pretty hard.  Caleb, the little man, looked at all of us and said: “Guys, don’t get stuck by thunder”.  He was right, the storm was getting strong, so we went inside and had a dance party, which is always a winner around here.  But somehow, each time without fail, after a few minutes, mom and dad turn into sharks trying to eat the kids.

We’ve also been doing a few last little spring cleaning projects… and being the mean parents that we are, we gave the kids the job of cleaning the patio doors.

IMG_4541 IMG_4532

Caleb did a wicked job, and I confess I’ve walked by and thought the door was open a couple of times.  Elise got right into it too, and proceeded to clean the dog, the carpet, some toy trucks, parts of the floor, followed of course by her mouth.  mmmm

IMG_4511 just kidding… maybe.

I’m also holding out hope that in the next week I’ll be able to convince Elise to let me cut her fingernails without shrieking so loud the neighbours come over to check.  … yeah you’re right.  I should just wait until she turns 4.

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