Diaper bag FOUND

I finally did it!  After searching through bags for-EVER to see what would be best as a diaper bag, I took the plunge.  I bought a great bag!

IMG_4330 IMG_4332

This is actually not a diaper bag at all, but just a straight forward backpack.  We very rarely use bottles of any kind with our babies, so we didn’t need a “cooler pocket” that many of the diaper bags offer.  I’m also happy to stick a few doggie bags in one section to carry any wet messes, so I didn’t require the “wet pocket”.

I love the cute design on this bag, and it’s on sale right now for 25% off, which makes it very reasonable for the high quality of the bag.  This bag was reviewed to have lasted for 25 years!  The day I purchased the bag, they threw in free monogramming, which I don’t think is available anymore.  But the monogramming bonus makes it much easier for Sunday school teachers to locate our little one’s diapers.

I’m thrilled with how the bag looks, and it is super comfortable, even when it’s fully loaded like ours.  The backpack style will be really handy for me, because I’m definitely needing both hands these days.

I think this design is currently sold out, but there’s a few other styles that are quite cute too, you can find them on llbean.com.

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