Beach reading!

These days, I’m having trouble remembering what I’m doing, as I am doing it.  So, finding a book that is interesting enough to keep me captivated is quite a challenge.  I’ve started a few books, only to put them back down within a few chapters, which is unusual for me, I’m a book addict!

These are my most recent favourites, mostly fun, easy breezy reads, that’ll keep you thinking about the plot while you’re changing diapers and tickling toddlers.

1.minding frankie


2.jane green

3.sarah's key


1. Minding Frankie, by Maeve Binchy, is not a complicated plot by any means.  It’s a sweet story about a “surprise” baby, with some plot twists and well thought out characters.  You’ll be rooting for the underdog, and end up liking the bad girl.

2. Family Pictures, by Jane Green, another easy breezy read.  If your husband works and travels a ton like mine… it’ll definitely keep your interest.  I was able to finish this book easily in three days… because I kept going back to read just a little bit more.

3. Sarah’s Key, by Tatiana de Rosnay, is an amazing book, but does not fall into the easy breezy category.  It is a story of french jews during the holocaust.  There are very graphic descriptions of horrible conditions and events.  But the story is well written, and if you’re keen on historical fiction, this might be a hit with you too. 

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