Countdown….16 hrs!! Change of plans.


It’s my last day before the c-section tomorrow.  I had a long list of last items to complete… but as it goes, my plans have changed.

Sunday morning, I started having some arrhythmias and went to the hospital to get it all checked out.  ….and I’m still here.

I have been enjoying my mommy-vacation, but boy do I miss those little faces.  Chatting with my 3 year old on the phone is just not the same as snuggling with him.

Although, it can be frustrating not to be in your own home, when you have so many things you’d like to do, I’ve found a silver lining.  I’m taking naps whenever I feel like it!  I’m watching the whole seventh season of Survivor (remember Rupert??  He’s such a sweetie), and eating food I did NOT cook! (hospital food I think still qualifies as food?)  I can take showers for as long as I like, without little hands coming under the door.  And I’m enjoying reading The fault in our stars, by John Green.  So short of being on a beach, I’m pretty much on vacation over here!

I’m so very thankful for all the help I’ve gotten these last couple days from friends and family…   Feeling truly blessed over here!!  

And I’m glad I’ll be so well rested and relaxed for our new arrival tomorrow!  

And I still can’t believe these two will graduate to being big sister and big brother (again).




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