Potty Training … is not for the squeamish


This is a good description of how Caleb felt about infant potty training.  Surprisingly though, after a few times of putting him on the potty on a regular basis, making a “sssshhhh” sound, and doing an excited dance, he got it.  Poor guy had really sensitive skin, and taking him out of diapers for a little while seemed to help.

…….however, it is not super convenient to find a bathroom every hour on the hour.  So once his diaper rash healed up, back into huggies he went.

We waited until Caleb was close to 20 months to try again.  I locked him, the dog, the baby and I in our tiny kitchen, and pretty much spent the next 12 hours cleaning up pee.  He had absolutely no idea that pee was coming out.

IMG_3456 … no one was super impressed.  So we decided to wait another couple months.

When he was about 22 months, we did the whole lock down in the kitchen thing, and tried again.  This time, I was nervous about the mess involved so I hired a helper who was absolutely amazing at keeping us all sane.  This time, it was an amazing success.  Little boy realized very quickly that if he peed on the potty he’d get a smartie.  I know I am truly blessed because we had no challenges with going #2.  He ate a ton of candy that day, but is there any better reason to give your kid a wicked dose of poison?


We still do use overnight diapers, even if they’re mostly dry and if we’re on a really long road trip we may line his carseat with a GoodNites Bedmat.  Also, occasionally Mr Man can get a little sloppy, but a couple of days getting a smartie or a sticker for potty success usually gets him right back on track.

…….. so we’ve successfully potty trained one little guy.  Now I’m an expert right *snort*.  We’ll be attempting to potty train little princess in about 6 months.  We’ll see how smoothly that goes!  I have recently discovered that Pull-ups has some really fun Apps for kids potty training… well for the age group in question.

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