Welcome to the circus!

We are officially the blessed parents of 3 kids, 3 and under!


Our newest treasure, Belle has finally joined us!!  (Yes, we’ve been calling her baby Belle, like the cheese.  What can I say, we’re cheesy…. oh boy…. must be the lack of sleep)

I was truly freaking out in the 2 hours leading up to the c-section.  For my second c-section, I had been given an epidural, and it was not effective, and I felt most of the torture procedure.  When they were wheeling me in my teeth wouldn’t stop chattering, and my knees had a mind of their own.  I think the anaesthesiology team felt bad for my previous experience and cranked up the spinal, I was numb pretty much from the shoulders down, which was GREAT!  I had no pain at all during, and very little afterwards.  We spent a couple days in the hospital, and since everything was going so well, they sent us home to fend for ourselves within 48hrs.  Although it was great to have the helpful nurses around, and not to have to fix meals… the hospital seemed like an endless noise factory.  Just as soon as Belle was snoozing and I was drifting off, our neighbour’s baby would start wailing, or a nurse would need to draw someone’s blood, or cleaning staff needed to wash the floors (at 3am…really???).

Belle is fitting in perfectly.  She sleeps through all the noises and poking she’s subjected to.  We’re also crossing our fingers that she came pre-programmed with impeccable manners, because she seems to hold out her pinky most of the time.


Back at home, we had lots of family taking turns watching the big kids.  My sister and her hubby to the big kids swimming and to a local amusement park.  Caleb is hoping mommy has to go back to the “tos-pistol” (hospital) very soon, so he can go on more rides.


Caleb’s been very helpful throwing diapers out, and wants to carry the baby everywhere.  Instead, of risking the baby having a head injury, we’ve been letting him use the nursing pillow and bottle feeding Elise’s “baby”.  We’re also giving him lots of turns to cuddle and kiss the baby.


Also, the dog got a haircut, and E hated the haircut so much, she cried every time she saw him for the next 2 days.



And lastly, since being home, I’ve been binding my tummy.  I’ll be reviewing binding in the future, so stay tuned!

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