Quiet time? Does it exist for a stay at home mom? Part 1

You may not believe me, and I totally hear that, but you CAN have a consistent quiet time in your day with little ones.  Maybe you’re thinking I can’t afford a nanny!  That’s not what I mean!!

It takes a little bit of work on mom’s part, and a couple of weeks of dedication, with occasional re-training required… but it is amazing and worth it for everyone!!


Benefits: this is one of the only uninterrupted times he has during the day to build a castle, or a large train track without little sister wanting to get in on the fun.  He learns how to productively occupy himself.  He also has an opportunity to figure out what he likes to do and what he doesn’t.  Mom has time to have a nap or a shower or post a blog… knowing everyone is sleeping or productively occupied.

Drawbacks: It does take a bit of consistency, and most likely, a tough mom approach.  Occasionally your little one might fall asleep, and for some kids this might make bed time trickier, (this is fortunately not the case for us).

….But knowing you get a couple hours to catch up on things is PRICELESS!

IMG_3793  (old pic, but right emotion!)

Elise agrees… happy mommy makes a happy baby!




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