Stinky Diaper Solutions


Uh! Oh!  You smell that too, don’tcha!?

You’re at a friend’s house and baby drops a bomb.  Besides leaving immediately, and suggesting they open every window in the house, here are a few things to try:

1. Carry doggie poop bags everywhere you go, you’ll need them.  If you’re visiting an understanding mommy, ask her which trash can to use, and PLEASE seal up that stink bomb nice and tight.  In every other case, double or triple seal up that sucker, and stick back in your diaper bag for later disposal.

2. Have a mini bottle of herbal spray in the diaper bag, leave a spritz behind.

3. After changing a stinky little person, often their clothes still smell bad, even when freshly changed.  That’s because it clings to not only your nose hairs, but also the fabric of their clothes.  Have some lightly scented baby vaseline or diaper rash cream in the diaper bag.  After a change, baby smells fresh again!

4.  Make sure you have a change pad, blanket, towel or take off your shirt and lay it on the furniture before you change baby.  We’ve all been there, when we find a surprise blow out.  Your friend does not need leftovers on her new white couch.

5.  If you’re low on wipes, and have a messy situation, take the cleanest part of the diaper (usually the front) and use it to do a thorough wipe front to back.  This should get the majority cleaned off.

6.  Limit your kid’s intake of dry fruit to a small handful a day, unless you’re prepared to change tomorrow’s diaper outside.

7.  If you’re sleeping over, and are questioning your kid’s ability to keep the guest bed dry, please pick up GoodNites bed mats, they are in the diaper section.  Have at least one of these in your diaper bag at all times.  They pick up anything wet, including a whole juice box from your carseat.  They are also good for long car trips, stick one under “potty trained” kids.

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