What does a new mom REALLY need?


Having your first baby?  Here’s the list I wish someone handed me when I was buying all kinds of useless items for my first baby.

1. espresso beans covered in dark chocolate, best idea I ever got from another mom!

2. diapers for baby, and wipes.

3. car seat to get back and forth from all the doctor’s visits

4. nursing pillow is great, especially if you’re recovering from a c-section.  I’ve tried a bunch of pillows now, and all my littles have nursed for over a year.  My absolute favourite is My Brest Friend.  I love that you can buckle the pillow and keep it snug.  When you’ve just had your baby you can still have that baby tummy for a few weeks months years… and you may nurse into another pregnancy, as I’ve had the blessing of doing a few times.  A pillow that needs to be readjusted constantly is a drag.  However, I’d consider this a luxury item, and in a pinch I’ve used a couch pillow, or just my arm when I have to get up and chase a toddler.

my brest friend

5. a few small blankets for spit up, or for changing baby anywhere

6. newborn pj’s that zip up.  No one wants to fuss with buttons at 2:40am.  Onesies for summer babies and for layering in the winter.  3 or more infant swaddlers with velcro.  Infant hat.

7. a crib is ideal, but we’ve never used one before 4 months old.  we have a small bassinet that I have next to our bed, but that is a really nice luxury item, and we’d be fine with just a crib.

8. mom will need lots of good quality kotex….enough said.

9. a few different loose and cool pj’s for mom.  Post partum sweating is a monster, like if a monster had a hose and sprayed you down randomly.

10. freeze lots and lots of dinners, muffins, and prepped food (like cooked ground meat).

11. coffee coffee coffee coffee… and guinness beer.

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