Our first week in pictures

IMG_4669 IMG_4646 

Having the baby at home for the first full week, has been interesting.  The kids have been vacillating between what is this strange person doing at my house, to completely forgetting she’s even here.  (She sleeps most of the time, so we all occasionally forget she’s here).  Elise is completely fascinated with baby Belle’s eyes, and takes every opportunity to poke them.  Belle won’t remember this, right?


IMG_4676 IMG_4681 IMG_4684

Since having a newborn keeps us close to home, we’ve had to get creative in getting the “older kids” happy.  We filled up the kiddy pool, and pulled out a bunch of beach toys.  This kept them busy for 3 full afternoons!

Grandma has also been visiting, and we’re so grateful, she’s been helping in a million ways, and has taken the kids to the park most afternoons.  Caleb wanted to drive his car to the park one day, the yellow and orange kind, that you sit inside of and drive with your feet… Not at all surprising, he got tired halfway to the park, and told Grandma, “the car is too tired, we need to call the tow truck!” 



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