Long nights…. long days…

We’re all a little sleepy here.  


… a little because our new little angel is keeping mommy awake at night.  No surprises there.  …a little because the big kids have been busy busy busy.  Dad has been taking them out to all kinds of local parks, amusement parks, local fairs, shopping in many many stores.

All this hustle and bustle makes it a bit challenging to keep the kids in their regular schedule… which sometimes results in more time spent like this…

IMG_4691 (Caleb in the corner for the 200th -ish consecutive hour)

On the plus side, I got a little time to treat myself to a few really cute new outfits from Target.  I found some great stuff suggested by one of my favourite mom style blog, and the outfits worked great for me, being 2 weeks post partum!  I’m super pumped about actually having something nice to wear even when I feel lumpy and bumpy.  My favourite outfit was the “school pick up” outfit, which I’ve pretty much replicated, and bits and bites of others.

I also took advantage of Gap’s 40% off sale for labor day, and grabbed one of their fur-trimmed down puffer vest in pure red, although I love the heather grey one, that colour just looks awful on me.

Enjoy your labor day!  Let me know if you hear of any amazing labor day sales!



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