Post partum hormones … awesome *eye roll*

I feel truly thankful that I’ve never had to deal with postpartum depression, and I don’t want to make light of those challenges… but man, these hormones are wild!  This is the fun my poor family has had to deal with in the last couple weeks. I literally shrieked like I was on fire and almost dove over the hubby to swat a bee away from Elise. I cried my eyes out when I missed the garbage can, trying to throw out a tissue. I really wanted to curse out someone when they made the following awesome comment, “You know, I remember thinking my baby was cute at this stage… man they’re weird looking before 3 months.”  Hey, not the brightest comment to make to a new mom… but it’s not like I don’t know it too. IMG_4664 It is a million degrees outside, and I am concerned about the kids falling into the frozen creek near our house in the winter time.  … Yes, logic has completely flown out the window. IMG_4610Hello brain… where did you go?  I miss you!

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