What to do when your toddler drops their morning nap


When you’ve tried bribery, exercising the baby, warm drinks… and she still won’t take that morning nap… what is a mom supposed to do.  This is the best I could come up with.

1. Drink more coffee

2. Eat more dark chocolate


3. Netflix

4. Institute a mandatory family dance party at the old nap time

5. Put a comfy chair in a fenced-in outdoor area and supervise/drink your coffee in peace

6. Take the kids for a loooong walk. They’ll at least sleep better for their afternoon nap. 


7. Give the toddler an area you try to keep clean, like where the movies are kept, or if you’re very adventurous, the garbage (kidding-ish), and watch her stay busy while she destroys, for a 15-30 sec period.

8. Fill a tub with water, put the kids in, and let them splash around.  This is a good 2 hour activity, if you have a few tub toys, and if you’ve let her play with some garbage… this may be necessary.

9. Make the kids a “fancy grown up drink”, (as in chocolate almond milk), and have a date.

10. That brings me back to: drink more coffee

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