I need to go to the bathroom!

I apologize to my faithful and thoroughly patient readers about the delay in posts recently.  Everyone is fine.  It was just my computer was having some major issues and kept shutting down.  I hope that I’ve fixed the problem.


Recently, I’ve been wondering, what are you supposed to do when you have toddlers, and a new baby??  I am still sorting this one out.

1.   No one in my house is safe to leave out of the bathroom with the new baby…  So she has to come with me.  So this is what I’m doing now….



See below, as to why the baby is required to be up high!

2.  Next, our youngest toddler is working night and day to beat the current record holder in the “small breakables dumping” and “poison ingestion” categories…. she’s doing very well… so she comes too.

IMG_4876 IMG_4878

IMG_4881 IMG_4888

I have two current strategies for keeping her occupied for a whole minute… I put a dish cloth on her head repeatedly and indulge by saying “Cooo coo” 8 million times.  Secondly, I found Caleb’s old potty, stuck in the bathroom and she loves to get on and off of it.

3.  Our big guy I figure is safe to wander around the house while I use the facilities… so I let him.  Around here, he’s considered to be almost an adult compared to the others.  Occasionally he creatively occupies himself by knocking on the bathroom door and yelling “MOMMY!!!!” until I come out.  (trust me, there are not enough exclamation points).


Total side note, I am aiming to get the party started to slowly creep back to my pre mommy weight… Yeah… I know…. Not gonna happen… Is any out there interested in joining me on a 5-6 lb weight loss goal in the next few weeks?  If not, I could post on my progress… or not… probably not…?


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