Little boy blahs

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I was seriously warned when my first born was getting closer to 2 years old… But why didn’t anyone warn me about 3 year olds???  I am completely unimpressed with the mouth that has suddenly appeared on my sweet boy.  At least in between the back talking, he is saying some funny stuff.

… well, of course mommy thinks they’re funny.

When playing outside at the crack of dawn, when it was cold cold cold, “No, it’s ok mommy, I’m not cold, I’m wearing my clip on tie”.

“I have a head ache that is making my foot really really hurt.”

When his Mimi (grandmother) told him if he ate too much bread it was going to come out of his ears “Don’t worry, I’ll hold it in with my hands”.

“Sing sweet Jerry, Daddy” , Daddy “what?”, “Sweet Jerry, I like him”  … it took us a while too.  He thought Swing low, sweet chariot was about a nice guy on swings.

“Don’t worry mommy, I put my Bible on the couch, I don’t want the dog to eat it.  It has good fighting stories” … we are raising some seriously mighty arrows over here.

“Mommy, I’m gonna catch a dragon and throw my sword at him”.  I’m doing a happy dance that he hasn’t caught on to what you do with swords yet.

“That was a lot of fun when I came out of my room so many times last night.  I’m going to do it again tonight.”

Thank God for the silver lining of hilarious comments from my currently challenging child.

P.S. This 3 year old sure got the memo that stripes are on trend this season. Even his sister is in awe.

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