Why the Circus?

Costa Rica 034

Welcome to my blog. My name is Katherine, I have 3 really little kids (3, 1.5 and a newborn). I have (almost) no idea how that happened. All of a sudden, we’re here, and I don’t want to forget a single moment…. because I barely remember brushing my teeth this morning… but I’m pretty sure I did.

I hope that one day my kids will want to read about the time they dumped out all the spices or threw up all over each other and the newly cleaned sheets. But I’m also wanting a spot to keep track of clever parenting, home management, health or recipe ideas so that I can share them with other mommies in the trenches.

It is also my hope that this blog will allow me to meet other mommies who have 1 or 12 kids, who work a lot or a little or stay at home full time like me, whatever! If you love to have a good laugh and might need some tips or have a few tips to share, I want to know you…. through this intra-web, which is awesome because I can do it without getting my three little people all dressed and out the door.

If you need some mommy ideas always feel free to ask in the comments or send me an e-mail at TheCrayonCircus@gmail.com

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