A cake walk


Yesterday, a Dairy Queen near our house was holding a special event where early arrivers could get 6 months of free ice cream cones.

What a good excuse other than church to get us all out the door for a specific time.

When we left, it was a little cloudy… halfway there, we were pretty much caught in a full on downpour!

For the grownups, (my parents were visiting) the walk was a cold wet mess, for the kids it was an absolute blast, jumping through the puddles!

We got to Dairy Queen, we were #4 in line!!  However, we were very disappointed to find out you had to buy a big cake to get 1 ice cream cone a week for 6 months, with a bunch of very specific conditions in small print my sleep deprived eyes have trouble reading.

So… we have a gigantic ice cream cake to work through… it’ll be tough… but this mama’s up for the challenge.

IMG_4608But shhhh…. don’t tell the kids.

Sidenote: we are crazy about the muddy buddys the kids are wearing.  If you have kids that go outside in all weather, or are really into messy crafts, you need one or 3.

6 thoughts on “A cake walk

  1. I bet the gigantic cake will look awesome. It is a fun exciting activity for kids to walk on water puddles in the rain. Last Summer, my son played with his cousins in the rain for the first time. They look so happy without a care in the world. It made me remember how it felt when I was his age. The Muddy Buddys do look great. Perfect for rainy adventures. Have a wonderful weekend.


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