My Apologies to the bike lady…

Dear Sweet Lady,

You must have been a little frightened when our big van pulled up, everyone in it screaming so loud you heard it from inside your house.  Brilliant woman, you ran out with both paper towels and baby wipes.  How did you know that my 3 year old had just thrown up all over himself?? (literally 30 seconds from your house).  Did you also somehow hear our conversation earlier today that we should always keep an extra outfit for each kid? and wipes?… and… oh well, we’ll just put that in the van LATER.

Thanks for being so sweet to my little man who was embarrassed and angry at having to stand in your driveway naked as the day he was born, and still retching.  And not to worry, I completely understand that gleeful look you quickly gave my husband and I, when you told us you only had one child.  And you politely switched your look back to a serious look of concern almost before we caught it, so thoughtful!

And thanks for poking your head out 15 minutes later.  Not only did you still find us there, in your driveway… but found my 3 year old riding the bike you just sold us around your driveway, in nothing but his socks (he was cold), honking the little yellow horn non-stop… my 18 month old having a poopy diaper changed on your front lawn… and me nursing my crying newborn.

You and I both knew, no comment was needed.  You kindly, went right back to your cozy home, and locked the door behind you.

I would have done the same thing,


IMG_0373 IMG_0372-1

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