The drawer of doom


…the place where kid’s eating/drinking items go to get lost.

There are 2 main issues with this drawer.

The first is we have a little gremlin *Elise*, that sneaks into this drawer at every opportunity and likes to remove, and throw each item as far as possible.  And apparently there’s bonus points if she hides small parts under furniture.

The second is we can never find matching sippy cup components.  If I was to mail myself a letter, to arrive 3 years ago, it would say, “Pick 1 sippy cup, and buy 12 of that single sippy cup.  And if anyone generously gives you sippy cups that don’t match, give them back.”  Then I wouldn’t be endlessly searching for parts.  And I wouldn’t have snap peas flying at my head, while hearing “milk” being repeatedly yelled, while I fumble through the drawer to find just 2 sippy cups with all components. (creative license being used… my kids haven’t ever thrown anything at me…. but they’re still young.)

IMG_5219 If I had a time machine, I’d fill the abyss of my “kid’s drawer” with Lifefactory glass bottles with sippy cup attachments .  These have been dropped numerous times, and haven’t shattered.  Also, the sippy part has been through 2 kids teething, and are still in good shape.



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