YES!  We are definitely not perfect parents around here (surprise), but I see the time I have my kids at home as very valuable.  I am not their babysitter.  I have a brief period where I can pass on skills they will need for life.  So I am a big believer in getting kids involved in as much housework as possible.


So we’ve started to re-focus on getting the kids doing some chores around the house.  Caleb is our snack man, which means every day at 3pm he helps me set the table, wash the fruit or veggie that is our snack (or cookie if grandma is visiting).  He serves everyone their snack, their drink, he clears the table, wipes it down, and sweeps.  He also loves vacuuming (yes, we’ll need to repaint all the baseboards soon), mopping (there is a 1 foot square spot on the floor that is sparkling clean), moving loads of laundry from the washer to the dryer (so much clothes falls on the floor in the process, we consider it mopping… double duty counts as extra points!) and washing dishes (ie. splashing water on the floor).

I keep my expectations very low, and give him wild praises if we’re even 50% getting the job done.

IMG_5067  Elise helps a little, mainly with funny faces.

IMG_4968Belle …well this is pretty much what she does.


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