Fall craft, a failure.






Yep, you read that right….

Caleb has a new favourite show on Netflix, Barney.  Do I love sitting through this show…?  Nope… But, the content is reasonable, and they sometimes have cute craft ideas for us.  And boy, this looked like a safe and fun activity when we saw it on Barney.  The idea is to paint your pumpkin instead of carving it.  My kids love anything that has to do with paint.  So I intelligently laid out a big bunch of newspapers outside, put a big craft bib on Elise, and reminded them that the paint was to stay on the pumpkin, or craft time would be over.

Of course, the baby got hungry just as it was all set up.  So in the two seconds it took me to go grab a chair, this project went off the rails.

….they got paint on the patio, patio furniture, themselves, clothes, hair…. well you get the picture.  Wish I’d snapped a few pics.  But as I’m sure you can imagine, pulling out the camera wasn’t top of mind.


After a lengthy clean up, we left the pumpkin outside to dry.  It rained.  A lot.  The paint was washed off the pumpkin.  So the only part that looked painted in the end was the stem, right?  … what?  You couldn’t see that in the picture above?  Well, me neither.  So here’s an up close.



This was really fun for the kids, but required way too much cleaning afterwards…  If I was to try this project again, it would be on the grass, and I would have to be 100% available for direction… in other words, we’ll try this again in 5 years.


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