The park, when you’re outnumbered


With only a few last days, before the snow starts, we’ve been wanting to take advantage of as many nice days as possible.  The kids really wanted to go to the park on one of these glorious crisp, but not too cold days.  So after approximately 4 hours of trying to get out the door, (shoes, bathroom, bathroom, shoes, diaper, water, change of clothes, shoes, snack, clean up, bathroom, bathroom, shoes, diaper, nurse, diaper, etc etc) …we finally went to one of the bigger parks near our house.

On the way, I started becoming concerned about how to manage the 3 kids, especially while wearing an ergo-baby.  Belle is going through a spell where she pretty much wants to be held all.the.time.  At least I’ve got a little bald head at kissing distance most of my waking hours, and the ergo-baby makes this pretty much do-able.  I wasn’t sure if Elise would decide today would be a good day to run into the road, while Caleb climbed the big kid ladder not-so-successfully.  You just never know with little kids, as Stephanie Bernaba explains much more eloquently than I can, here.

I thought it would be wise to keep the kids on a short leash.  On the way to the park, I told the kids, in no uncertain terms, that they were to stay in the smaller kid area, and together at all times, or we would head straight home.  Besides the halloween incident (seen here and here), I was very happy that we generally follow-through on discipline, because the kids followed the rules beautifully.  They stayed together the whole time and in the designated area.


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