Yuummm! Day 2, no sugar or processed food

Caleb is proof that healthy food can be DEE-Licious!

20150106_142212 (anyone notice how the Christmas decorations start halfway up the tree?)

A quick sample of the amazing delicious food we ate today: Oatmeal with a maple syrup smiley face and loads of blueberries, banana bread with blueberries,


and the big TA-Dah!!! Mac and cheese (used whole wheat flour and pasta, and doubled the recipe; and froze half) with bacon sprinkled over the top.


So we all seem to be adjusting to all the treats going in the trash… although I can’t promise I wouldn’t eat a piece of Keg steakhouse cheesecake… even if it fell in the dog food bowl.  I am sure it will get easier in a few days… right?

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