No processed foods, and no sugar, update, second week

PPppphewww.  It has been busy the last few days.  The kids are getting over colds, we are sleep training the baby.  And on the plus side….

My sister welcomed a brand new baby boy during the weekend!!  He is just so adorable and cute!!  When we were visiting my sister though, I way under-planned how much food we would need to bring with us.

For the afternoon, which ended up turning into evening, I brought a banana bread and a bunch of granola bars.  It was all gone in minutes, and everyone was asking for dinner. … we had limited options… we ended up getting turkey avocado sandwiches on whole grain from a local pub… and sweet potato fries.  Not the healthiest in the whole world… but better than most of the options.

Besides that, the whole family has been really craving some of our old favourite junk foods.  I have had a tonne of cravings for chocolate and chocolatey cakes.  Brian’s been missing chips.  And the kids are asking for cookies daily.

For the kids and I, we’ve baked up a quadruple batch of this applesauce bread, well it’s actually a pumpkin loaf recipe, but I just swapped the pumpkin for applesauce.  It turned out delicious!!!   And YAY!  We’ve got a bunch in the freezer.20150112_190735

For Brian, who was missing more of a crunchy snack, we bought a microwave popcorn popper.  And I am looking for some other options… and will post our findings.

We are definitely going through an adjustment period at the moment.  I’m praying that our palates will change soon!!

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