Third week of no processed foods or sugar

Amazing things are happening around here!  We are on week 3 of eating no processed foods or sugar.  Finally, things are starting to change for the better.  Withdrawal from some of our favourite foods really took a toll on everyone.  Those cravings were really getting crazy, I even started getting horrible headaches.  Was I that addicted to sugar??

My most exciting update is that I am about 5lbs away from my pre baby weight…. not the first baby, mind you, but the last one.  But, after failing to lose all the baby weight after each of the first two, with lots of effort, I felt this was hopeless for me.   I was even able to pull out 3 pairs of pre baby jeans this morning, and actually fit and look reasonable in them!!!  I never thought this would happen 5 months after I had my third baby!

The second thing I have noticed, is that I have been able to cut down my coffee consumption a little!  Even with the lack of sleep and general craziness around here, I definitely feel I have more energy to finish the things I want to do by the end of the day.  I’m not quite ready to run a marathon tomorrow (har dee har har) … but I also don’t feel like doing a face plant into the carpet due to 4pm sleepiness.


The third big change is the kids moods and eating patterns.  My kids are hardly perfect angels.  But I am noticing that they are having way less complete meltdowns.  They seem much happier to do activities, and can entertain themselves for longer periods.  Also, they are regularly requesting fruit for snacks, and eating lots of it!!  Caleb ate 4 apples today.  During meals, they are also eating much more of what is served.

Last night, I served bean chili… and Elise dove right in.  She LOVES beans.  Caleb, is not so crazy about beans …so…. Brian told him if he ate up all the beans it would fill up his fart tank… and the next day, if his tank was full, he’d be able to fart as much as he wanted. ….so…. of course he ate two helpings.  …we should teach parenting 101.

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