Don’t get the winter GRUMPS!

It’s Sunday afternoon, it’s been a busy morning of church, costco, a quick lunch, we are already behind schedule and rushing to get Caleb to hockey… I could feel the tension in the house rising.

Now I could say, don’t get into this situation in the first place.  Shop on a different day.  Lay out all the clothes and sports equipment the night before.  Get up an hour before the kids, to make sure everyone’s breakfast and clothes are ready on time for church.

But some days, are different.  Some days what can be ordinarily laughed off, gets your knickers in a knot.  You react poorly to the small stuff.  Sometimes, right from when you wake up, you feel tired, foggy and frustrated.  When this lasts for more than a few hours or more than even a day, you should be concerned.

And when you see this in your children, it can be particularly alarming!

Make sure that you and your kids are taking your vitamins!  The ones that are especially important in the winter time are Vitamin D, especially if you live in Canada, and Omega-3s.  Deficiencies of either of these has been linked to mood alterations.

So take your vitamins and cheer up!


There’s only a few weeks left for my February offer.  Only $20 to get your health check.  Make sure you call today to get yourself and the little ones checked!!


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