Preparing your body for Pregnancy


Part 1: Getting Family-ar with your cycle – (for beginners)

So you want one of these cutie pies to join you and make a family??  Let’s discuss a few strategies to get you there.

The first important number to remember is that it takes on average 6 months for a couple actively trying to get pregnant.  Don’t worry if it doesn’t happen right away, just enjoy each other.

The next thing is to start making notes on a calendar about when your period comes.  If you are keen on knowing your cycle very well, you could keep track for a few months before you start trying to conceive.  But this is only for the really keen.

Try to find out how many days your cycle is on average.  Are you a 28 day girl or 50 days, or are your cycles crazy unpredictable.

You only ovulate one time each cycle.  That’s it, so girls, you’ve got to catch this window!  If your cycles average around 28 days, (average/short cycles) you are going to have more chances to try each year.  However, if your cycles are super long, like 40+ days, you will decrease the number of times you ovulate over a year span, so you may have a longer wait for that stick to turn pink.

Your body is amazing, and goes through a huge change each month.  On day 1 of your cycle, you start your period, which lasts about 7 days.

Then your body starts to change into baby making mode!

When I was at the beginning of family expanding-mode, I did so much research about timing and planning… and what I have found is, none of it matters!!

So to save you excessive research blindness and a higher chance of pregnancy, the advice is simple.  You and your husband should “get together” every second day between your periods.

Since you know how long your cycles are, you would know fairly soon if you’ve missed your period.


Note: If you are actively tracking your ovulation, which is not necessary for most people.   You need to “get together” with your husband before you ovulate.  If you find you have already ovulated, you’ve missed the window.

Note 2: If you have tried for a year and have not gotten pregnant, or 6 months if you are over 35, feel free to chat with your doctor.



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