Confidence = Injuries

Let this be a warning, mainly to myself.. but when things start to feel calm, a storm is brewing!

Two days ago, I distinctly remember putting away the last of the clean, folded and ironed clothes.  My kids were quietly playing with puzzles, and dolls.  They were well dressed and had eaten a healthy dinner.  The dishes were done.  Homework was taken care of.  The floors clean and toys picked up.

Man I was feeling that if prizes were handed out for moms who had it all together, this is the day I’d win.

Then came yesterday.  I got up early to make everyone scrambled eggs, and Isabelle woke up as I snuck past her door, so she became my volunteer helper.  I put her up on a chair, and cooked the eggs on the furthest burner.  Of course, she somehow reached the pan with a finger and burned herself!  It was a very small and mild burn, but I felt so bad for her.

Later in the day, when all was bandaged up and kissed.  The girls were playing on the couch and of course Elise falls off it and hits her head.  Really Really hard.  As she was walking towards me she was doing a drunk sailor walk.  She keeled right over, hit a drawer and our hard wood floor, with you guessed it, her head.

As I went to pick her up, her eyes wouldn’t focus and she was limp like a rag doll.  I hope she’ll forgive me for mentioning it, but she then wet herself and me.  Seeing her like this really scared me.  She clearly had at least a concussion.  So I started thinking about what I needed to grab to go to the hospital.  As I started getting ready to take everyone to the hospital, Elise started to come around.  Once she was changed into dry clothes she was 100% fine.  I forced her to do every neurological test that seemed age appropriate, and she was fine.  No blood or bumps or bruises.  I woke her up every couple hours to walk her around and slept right next to her.  She was fine, but wow, that scared me!

The next morning, I decided to give Belle a quick bath in the kitchen sink.  As a side note: I may only have a couple more weeks that I can get away with this, she is getting so big!  Within a minute or two of her splashing in the water, she stood up quickly.  She slipped and smashed the top of her nose on the very sharp corner of the steel divider between our two sinks.  Acccch!  This time, there was a good deal of blood and swelling!  After cleaning her up and giving her hundreds of kisses, she seemed fine.  And today, her nose looks just a bit swollen and the cut looks much better.


It has been a painful couple of days.  But I am hoping that this big injection of humility will decrease the ouches around here.


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