Preparing your body for Pregnancy 3

Part 3: To Detox or Not to Detox??

This is a question that comes up a lot.  The opinions on the answer  to this question vary widely as well.  My quick and easy answer is, it depends on your definition of detoxing.

The type of detoxing that I do not agree with:

  • Any type of extremely limited and restrictive diet.  Like a 10 day juicing only fast.
    • This limits the amount of nutrition you will take in.  So at the end of the detox you’ll be very depleted in many vitamins and minerals.
    • The human body is meant to digest, and it can be very stressful on your body to restart eating normally after doing this type of fast.
    • I do however agree that occasionally you may need to give your body a rest from eating, so consuming liquids only for 24 to 48hrs can be helpful in some instances.
  • Consuming a packaged or processed packaged “detox” program  (I would make an exception though for someone with heavy metal toxicity, in this case the course of treatment is very specific, so packaged kits would be helpful).
    • These are generally highly processed foods, which is not what your body is meant to eat.
    • Shakes, bars, special cereal or forms of “food” that are not found on a farm are not good for you, no matter what the marketers tell you.

The type of Detoxing that is healthy:

  • If you are a chocolate or sweets addict, and are overindulging, take a 14 or 30 or 90 day break from this offending food.  Taking a break from the specific food that you’re overeating will lead you to appreciate it more.  When you end the period of time you were avoiding that food, resolve to make your portions of that food very small, or kept for special occasions.
  • Commit yourself to making half of your plate fruits and vegetables each and every time you eat.
  • Eat better quality fruits, vegetables and meat.  If you are not eating organic foods, begin by switching over the worst offenders in terms of pesticide residue.  But it is best to avoid foods with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and stick to organic foods.
  • Cut out processed foods.  If it has more than 3 ingredients, and has anything you wouldn’t find in your kitchen, don’t put it in your mouth.  It’s probably as good for you as eating Windex.

So although I wouldn’t recommend you undergo a “detox” before trying to conceive, I do believe that you should very closely examining your diet.


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