One thought on “Snow Day!

  1. Dear Katherine, I have been reading your emails and really enjoy the pictures. The recipe for chard looks really good too. Fortunately we both like it any way but I’m going to try your recipe too. Bob said (finally) the you are interested in Nero Science. I THINK THAT WOULD BE GREAT! It is too late for me but I’d have done something more too if we hadn’t been sailing and roaming elsewhere. Now I focus on photography when I get the chance. WiFi is very spare while RVing. How is your business doing? ‘Many children coming for help yet? Last night we had friends over for supper and Bob mentioned that Brian is in Mexico City. What is the reason? You must be very busy and maybe lonely too. Today is a nice day again but quite windy so we are getting a lot of sand on our “patio”. We rolled the awning up too so it wouldn’t be damaged. Now I’m trying to catch up a bit as WiFi is limited. Hugs and love to all. Maxine

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