This week’s randos


After Elise’s swim class this week she was so excited to tell me she got to go in a hot dog!  I was so excited for her…. but was less confused when Caleb cleared up that she meant hot tub.

After watching big sis work hard in ballet class Belle insisted on running into the class and yelling “sticker”, until she got one too. *embarrassed*


Caleb spent 3 hours yesterday afternoon digging giant holes in the lawn.  I finally understood why, when he ran inside to show me the dinosaur tooth he found…. you guessed it… it was a rock.  Just a plain old rock.

Elise has not left the house with shoes on the correct foot this whole week… not once.

Caleb has decided he wants to either be a police officer, so he can finally get a gun… because mean parents, we won’t let him have one.  Or he wants to have a store.  Because he wants to work somewhere a bell rings when the door is opened.  Serious decision-making happening over here!


Best things Belle has brought to bed in the last few days: contact lense case, large button, caleb’s underpants (which she wore the whole day over her own clothes), she fought really hard to bring a toilet brush… but I won…this time. 20160401_120230


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