Elise, quirks and quarks

Our little ray of sunshine recently turned 3…. since turning 3, she hasn’t been referred to as our ray of sunshine quite as often… (future Elise, if you’re reading this, sorry dear).  If you have or have had 3 year olds. .. ya know.


She has developed some interesting quirks lately though.

I have no idea where this one came from, but she will randomly lick the palm of her hands lIke it’s a full on lollipop.  When Brian asked if she was enjoying her hands, her answer was straight to the point, “yep”.


Even Grandma isn’t sure about this whole situation.

She is also discovering humour, she tells everyone nearby, “I am going to do something really funny, and then you’re all going to laugh, OK.”  Then usually a strange face is made… that generally is more painful looking than funny.  Of course we all then laugh.  Again and again and again.

Bedtime is a sparse situation.  Elise refuses to have a single toy or pillow in her bed.  Or near her.  Or in the room.  We have been able to get her to agree to let Caleb be in charge Caleb’s bed…

“I am never”, is her favourite pronouncement.


We have been having some trouble finding some appropriate gymnastics wear (long enough bottoms) but narrow enough for her waist…. the first two gymnastics classes, she kept her bottoms on less than 50% of the time… so we opted for shorter shorts, made for 18 month olds, because they stayed on.  In this case, short shorts are better than nude.

Lately she has realized that she is the oldest when Caleb isn’t around.  She spends most of the 3 days a week that Caleb is at school bossing Belle around… at least she calls her “sweetie”.



Aww.  Sister love.  A beautiful thing.

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