Happy Announcement!


I am so excited to share with you that we will be welcoming baby #4 mid November!   I am in the final stretch of the dreaded first trimester.

So far this pregnancy has been good.  The nausea has been off and on, but milder than most of my other babies.  There has been only a few episodes of throwing up in the bathroom while the 3 kids are staring at me confused and asking for snacks.  I have also wised up after 3 previous pregnancies, I have an aversion to water… but feel super thirsty.  I avoid juice as much as possible, because I don’t need that much sugar… especially since I put in about a cup of sugar in my morning coffee.  But herbal tea, ice cold water with lemon juice and San Pellegrino with lemon or lime work like a charm.

Since this first trimester hasn’t been too bad, I am thinking this baby will be a happy, great sleeping baby.

Yeah…I can’t even say that with a straight face.

With some off and on nausea I have made two small adjustments which have been helpful.  We generally seriously discourage our kids from snacking between meals.  They get 3 healthy meals and an afternoon snack.  However, since finding out our family is expanding, I have made cupboard space on a low shelf and filled it with fig bars, “brownies” (both Nature’s bakery from costco), organic apple sauce and popped pop corn, they know where it is… and if they have 4 breakfasts for a few weeks… I think they will somehow survive.


The second change is asking Caleb to be in charge of getting breakfast for all the kids… think cold cereal and milk or a bagel (not toasted).  He has really taken this job seriously.  He takes orders from the girls restaurant style, leads everyone in saying grace, and makes sure to set the table really nicely, with wildflowers dandelions from the backyard.  This way when I am feeling yucky from having an empty tummy, the kids are happily busy organizing their own food, and I can have crackers or an overly sweetened coffee.

Although I am over the moon excited about having another beautiful little baby to kiss and tickle, every once in a while, I wonder if I am going to be able to keep up with 4 little ones… then I remember that we wouldn’t have been given this blessing if we couldn’t handle it.  This song is a great reminder of that.

2 thoughts on “Happy Announcement!

  1. So (officially) congratulations!
    Katherine, you are a treasure.
    Thank you for teaching Caleb strength and independence, he will be a great helper for you. I am sure the girls will take their turn.

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