Weaning woes

This is my first time weaning.  With every other baby, my milk dried up around 5 months pregnant, baby lost interest, and that was that.  This time around, Belle is just over a year and a half, and lets just say, I am ready to move on from this stage, but she is not.  Weaning is just not going well for me.

Can’t wear a v-neck because there’s a little person constantly pointing and saying “yum”… and I have an emotional attachment to my v-necks.

Loud shrieking of “meeeiiieeelk”, which luckily no one in the grocery store can quite make out….yet.

Hand expressing into a shot glass, while watching Survivor, because OUCH!  Just way too engorged… and hubby… just… doesn’t …. know  what to say…

Giving in the next day… arrrgh… I’ll try again in a few months….

But on the plus side I got this adorable dress which has buttons on the front. Which is an  official sign I’m waving the white flag.  You win this time Belle.


And I found a blog that I have been binge-reading, Mama Needs Coffee.  I especially loved her fresh perspective on the Zika virus.  Here, find a post on things you never thought you would do before having kids.  If I’m going to keep nursing, I’ve got to have something awesome to read!


If you’ve weaned successfully, help!

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