This week’s randos


This week we’ve been on our own.  Brian’s been out of the country working… I call them work vacations.  Fair?  No… do it anyway?  Yep.


The kids and I have been having a good time, but the kids had colds, and overall we did not get much sleep.  The locks get checked hourly, and every little creak needs to be thoroughly checked out.  And for some reason Caleb thought this week would be the best week to get up EVERY night to change the locations of the nightlights, waking his sisters in the process.


Brian gets back in a couple hours, and we are counting down the minutes!

Since I am still working on the morning sickness, I boycotted cooking this week.  We did cereal, sandwiches and costco meals.  Definitely a low point for cooking, but the weather was mostly great, so it gave us lots of time to play outside.

Belle is in a new stage of hilarity this week.  It was a well-timed gift.


Anything she sees that’s new and interesting, like a bug, neighbour’s dog, another kid, she looks at me and asks, “Hit?’… at least she asks permission.  Unlike her recent bout with trying to kick our dog.  Permission not granted!

I have found her numerous times this week, when she thinks no one is watching, sitting on the toilet with pants on, clapping for herself.  Is she trying to send me signals??

At every bedtime, I normally ask her “what song do you want me to sing?”, her answer every night this week, is not a song, but, “tickles”.

If I answer any question for her, she says, “Ooooh”.

She has newly discovered there’s occasionally treasure up her nose, and will offer her findings, “Booger?”.

If you hear her say, “Mangooo”that means she wants some kind of food, could be salsa, pad thai, crackers…

I found out just how much I raise my eyebrows, because she now copies me, every time.

When Elise requires assistance in the bathroom, Belle comes running full speed.  I haven’t figured out what she expects to do once she’s in there, but Belle has sure been hustling full speed.


Just in case you need a boost to get you to little people bed time, have you heard the new Justin Timberlake song?  Warrants a kitchen dance party if you ask me.


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