Caleb 5 years old!!


Caleb dressed up for animal day at school made me think, this 5 year old boy reminds me of a puppy these days.

He requires a lot of exercise, food and love.  That’s about as complicated as it feels right now.

Caleb is such a sweetheart.  He is ridiculously helpful with his sisters and the girls love him.

He adores daddy and will sit outside our room on the weekends to make sure he dresses to match daddy.

He is a little gardener lately… if you are generous enough to consider cutting tree branches with scissors, then replanting gardening…  he may have inherited my nonskills.

He still has a crazy stubborn streak though, and insists he knows more than me about everything.  I have resigned myself to the fact that he will forever disagree with me that 2+2=4.

I’ll take the stubbornness with the sweetness any day.


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